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Sales, front and center

The Arbox Dashboard highlights the most important sales information, so you won’t miss a single lead or sale!

Active clients and members count
Monthly income and open debts
Leads status

Generate more leads

Running Facebook or Instagram campaigns?
Connect your lead forms directly to Arbox.

Connect your Facebook Ads account with 2 clicks
Get all leads directly to Arbox

Onboarding made easy​

Arbox is making it easier to welcome new members to your gym or studio

Create an onboarding digital form
Get new members to sign a waiver right from their mobile phone​
Automaticlly save signed wavers in the member profile

Stay on top of things

Arbox tasks will help you ensure that no lead or new member is left unattended

Create automatic tasks for each new lead or member, e.g. sales call, sign waiver, charge for membership
Send automatic messages to remind members about trial workouts
Control your team’s tasks better with a tasks report

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