How to Deal With Toxic Customers

Is the customer always right? When faced with challenging behavior from difficult members, it’s not always easy to know what to do. We’ve tackled the tricky issue of dealing with “Toxic Customers”, identifying red flags and providing advice for you, the fitness business owner.

Maximizing the Power of Your Marketing Management Features

Arbox works with you to grow your fitness business, increase revenue and drive sales. We know how important great marketing is to achieve these goals. Read on to find out how Arbox helps you become a master marketer and sales guru for your business.

How to Generate More Revenue From the Palm of Your Hand

An awesome member app can enhance the member experience and optomize member engagement. Music to every fitness business owners ears! Arbox have gone that step further and have launched a new in-app shop where members can purchase merchandise and more. Read our latest blog to find out how the in-app shop will boost your business.

How to Keep Your CrossFit Coaches Happy

A positive working environment with happy employees is an essential part of growing a successful business. Creating it is easy if you have the know how. Read on for Arbox advice about maintaining a happy and productive workforce.

Fitness Management Features You Need to Know: Automation

If you’re like most business owners, you’re constantly looking for ways to optimize your time and save a few hours on the boring business stuff and put your focus where it matters most. That shouldn’t be any different for gym and studio owners who started their businesses to coach and train people and not sift […]

Fitness Management Features You Need to Know: Scheduling

For thousands of fitness owners worldwide, their class schedule is the core offering provided by their business. Are you offering the right classes for your target audience? Are you providing these classes at the optimal or “right” time for your members? Are you accommodating different demographics like the business-types who want early more or late […]

Fitness Management, The Basics: Fitness Management For Gyms

Fitness Management for Gyms So, you’re a gym owner. You probably read our article about how to open a gym and now you have a full-fledged fitness business that is open to the public. So…. what now? Welcome to the world of fitness management. Sure you opened a gym, but you need to know the […]

Fitness Management Features: COVID-19 Resources

How COVID-19 is Impacting Fitness Businesses After living with the COVID-19 pandemic for the better part of this year, there’s no doubt that the fitness industry has been hit pretty severely all over the world. With gyms facing closures, membership cancelations and added precautions, fitness business owners are suffering and struggling to find plausible solutions.  […]

Start Your Fitness Business: How to Open a Pilates Studio

It’s no secret that pilates has become a fitness staple of cities all over the world and the industry is growing every year. Studios of all sizes and disciplines are experiencing growth, which means it’s a great time to open your own studio. If you’re unsure where to start when it comes to opening a […]

Fitness Management Platform: What Features Are Available?

The features offered by each platform vary from those that are considered basic necessities to more comprehensive, we’ve put together a list of features that we think should be included in any fitness management platform that you use:  Membership Management What is a fitness business without memberships? Being able to produce new memberships, provide them […]