Fitness Management Features You Need to Know: Automation

If you’re like most business owners, you’re constantly looking for ways to optimize your time and save a few hours on the boring business stuff and put your focus where it matters most. That shouldn’t be any different for gym and studio owners who started their businesses to coach and train people and not sift […]

Fitness Management Features You Need to Know: Reporting

When it comes to data management and reporting, many new business owners are usually scared off or label themselves as “not numbers people”. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but to run a successful business and grow that business year after year, staying on top of your data and analyzing reports is essential.  […]

Lessons Learned: How to Pivot Your Business During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected fitness business owners in a variety of ways depending on where they live and what kind of fitness club they’re operating. However, there is a difference in how many businesses weathered the storm depending on how the owners were able to pivot in the face of a lockdown or outbreak […]

Fitness Management Features You Need to Know: Scheduling

For thousands of fitness owners worldwide, their class schedule is the core offering provided by their business. Are you offering the right classes for your target audience? Are you providing these classes at the optimal or “right” time for your members? Are you accommodating different demographics like the business-types who want early more or late […]

Fitness Management, The Basics: Fitness Management For Gyms

Fitness Management for Gyms So, you’re a gym owner. You probably read our article about how to open a gym and now you have a full-fledged fitness business that is open to the public. So…. what now? Welcome to the world of fitness management. Sure you opened a gym, but you need to know the […]

How Your Fitness Business Can Thrive During COVID-19

This hasn’t been an easy year for anyone, but for those of you who own fitness businesses, we know that it’s been especially tough. With lockdowns, member loss, added health restrictions and more, many fitness business owners are struggling to stay afloat heading into the new year.  Despite how bleak all that sounds, we’ve actually […]

Start Your Fitness Business: How to Open a Dance Studio

While a dance studio might not fit into the classic description of a fitness business, if you’ve ever attended a dance class you know it’s no joke. That’s why we built our platform to help accommodate the needs of dance studios of all kinds. So, now that you’d like to open your very own dance […]

Fitness Management Features: Membership and Sales Management

Using a fitness management platform can help improve your business in so many different ways, but what really sets it apart is when it comes to marketing and sales. The point of the platform is essentially to make your life easier as a fitness business owner – which is easy to understand when it comes […]

Fitness Management Features: COVID-19 Resources

How COVID-19 is Impacting Fitness Businesses After living with the COVID-19 pandemic for the better part of this year, there’s no doubt that the fitness industry has been hit pretty severely all over the world. With gyms facing closures, membership cancelations and added precautions, fitness business owners are suffering and struggling to find plausible solutions.  […]

Start Your Fitness Business: How to Open an MMA Studio

With so many different types of fitness centers popping up all over the world, there’s a whole discipline that is growing under the radar. The world of MMA isn’t just for the big lights of Madison Square Garden or Las Vegas, but is taking place in cities and neighborhoods everywhere. If you’re looking to get […]