Retention Tools​

Gaining new members is important but retaining your loyal customers is just as important, and this is where Arbox shines.

Member Profiles

Everything you need in order to better know your members is perfectly arranged right here

Personal Information And Documentation In One Place

Past And Future Activity Log

Initiate Key Actions Directly From The Profile, E.G. Send Messages, Manage Tasks, Sell A Product

Communication Is Key

As do all relationships, you and your members need fluid communication, and with the Arbox communication center, that’s easy to do


Send Push Notifications Directly To Your Memebr’s Mobile Phone

Send Text Messages (SMS) And Emails, Even To Leads

Automate Your Messaging And But Keep Them Personalised

Prevent Membership Cancellations

We know that when a member stops showing up for classes, it won’t be long before they cancel their membership. Why not prevent this?

Send Automated Reengagement Messages To Idle Members

Send Automated Reminders Before Classes

The Best-In-Class Form Generating Tool

Create interactive, flexible forms and surveys. Send them via email or text to your members. The completed, signed forms will save automatically as PDFs to your member profiles.

Create Waivers And Release Forms

Send Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Spread Your Forms With SMS, Push And Emails

Simple, Smooth Membership Renewals

Classes are the main driver of your business so why not have the perfect class scheduling system you’ve always wanted?

Full, In-App Renewal Purchase Process

Fast And Intuitive

Block Class Bookings Until Membership Is Renewed

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