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Everything You Need to Manage Your Gym or Studio, in One Intuitive Platform

Powerful Class scheduling

Use the Arbox class scheduling system to  smoothly set up and manage your class schedule. With this system you can:

Schedule and change classes easily

Filter schedules by class, coach or location

View daily, weekly or monthly schedules simultaneously

Flexible Class Settings

Customize your class settings to ensure the best fitness experience for your members.

Monitor class registration

Determine and set the number of class participants

Schedule single or reoccurring classes

Effective time management

Utilize the Arbox platform to efficiently organize and manage operational and administrative tasks.

Manage and assign individual and team tasks

Receive popup notifications

Utilize automation tools

Reporting and analysis

Use regularly published reports and data analytics to gather insights about your business.

Benefit from quick access to current and relevant real-time data

Use smart filters to categorize and generate specific reports

Download and export reports to Excel

Team leadership

Communicate and collaborate with employees to manage projects, workflows and daily tasks.

Employee shift management and reporting

Record and handle payroll

Implement integrated employee time clock

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