How Does a Management Platform Help Your Martial Arts Studio?

Running a martial arts studio requires passion, skill, patience, motivation and dedication in order to coach students effectively. The quality and the success of your studio relies heavily on your ability to focus on what matters – providing quality training that ensures your members are engaged and keep coming back.  The issue, as always, is […]

Making the Switch: How a New Management Platform Can Lead to Business Growth

Odds are if you’re reading this article, you’ve realized your management platform isn’t doing much for your business. Maybe it’s not providing you the best visibility or it’s holding you back through its lack of automation. Let’s explore what an efficient management platform should help you with and how making the switch can benefit your […]

Adding New Revenue Streams For Your Fitness Business

As you grow your gym or studio, you need to find ways to keep your current members happy and bring in new ones along the way. The simplest path to success in this regard is by creating memberships that will benefit both your customers and your business. For some owners, a single monthly membership will […]

How to Build Your Landing Page Correctly to Bring New Customers?

In general, there are 3 major ways to gather leads details from sponsored ads that you post on Facebook, Instagram, Google or any other platform: An ad containing the business’ phone number to which the customer can call or even send an SMS or a WhatsApp text A designated leads form of Facebook/Instagram (which will […]