Top Metric #2: Average Revenue Per Month (ARM)

Without a doubt, one of the most important metrics to concentrate on when running a business is your monthly revenue. It’s obvious that your company has to make money every month or it won’t survive, but how many business owners are actually tracking their average revenue every month per client? Getting a handle on the […]

Top Metric #1: Length of Engagement (LEG)

When you opened your fitness business, it’s likely that one of your top goals was maintaining that coach and mentor connection you’ve always felt with your clients. We’re here to tell you that even as you grow your gym or studio to new heights, it’s still possible to keep that intact. According to Chris Cooper […]

Top Metrics to Track to Easily Manage and Scale Your Gym

Running a fitness business can be a lot of fun when training and engaging with your members, but at the end of the day it’s still a business like any other. You need to stay on top of payments, customer retention and of course the actual day-to-day operations and tasks. While Arbox can help you […]