7 Tips on Reopening Your Gym after Lockdown and Gaining New Customers in the Process

The COVID-19 pandemic has put the majority of our plans and day-to-day routines on hold as it continues to spread across the globe.  However, with the world slowly making its way to a state of normalcy, authorities have established gym reopening guidelines. Training facilities can operate again without compromising both clients’ and staff’s health and […]

What Fitness Businesses Can Learn From Sports

Some people might claim that there’s nothing to do between business and being part of a sports team – I’m here to tell you the exact opposite. It’s true that being a football player or basketball coach won’t promise you a successful career as a businessman but on the other hand, there are so many […]

The Fitness Business as a Startup

In one of my previous posts, I wrote about the connection between sports and fitness businesses and how we can learn from professional athletes and implement it in our daily business lives. We know and appreciate the sports businesses but we can’t really ignore the fact that the most growing businesses nowadays are the tech […]

The 3 Fundamentals of a Fitness Business

I’ve been practicing sports since the age of five and been in the business of fitness during the last five years, being in touch with thousands of gym and studio managers, owners, and coaches. Our knowledge here at Arbox during these past few years has led us to understand what the really successful gyms do, […]

The Benefits of Automating Your CrossFit Gym

It’s no secret that the fitness industry has enjoyed an impressive growth spurt in recent years – and it’s all due to society’s fitness craze. Naturally, this craze has increased the number of boutique gyms, trends, and clubs around the globe – meaning for you CrossFit gym owners, you’re facing a tight race to reach […]

How to Optimize Your Club’s Class Schedule

For many fitness businesses, the core of what makes their engine run is a well-planned schedule full of various classes and workouts. While it may seem simple enough to create a robust schedule, it may be difficult to understand the needs of your member base as well as the right nuance of when to schedule […]

Adding New Revenue Streams For Your Fitness Business

As you grow your gym or studio, you need to find ways to keep your current members happy and bring in new ones along the way. The simplest path to success in this regard is by creating memberships that will benefit both your customers and your business. For some owners, a single monthly membership will […]

How to Build Your Landing Page Correctly to Bring New Customers?

In general, there are 3 major ways to gather leads details from sponsored ads that you post on Facebook, Instagram, Google or any other platform: An ad containing the business’ phone number to which the customer can call or even send an SMS or a WhatsApp text A designated leads form of Facebook/Instagram (which will […]