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Geraldine Farache

Geraldine Farache

Geraldine has experience creating digital and print content across a variety of sectors. She specializes in writing, developing and editing content and copy and has a strong passion for fitness.

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The Secret To Business Success In 2022

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Calling all fitness business owners, we've got the 411 on fitness trends for 2022! Read this week's blog to find out how you can keep ahead of the competition and offer your customers something fresh and exciting for the New Year.

The face of fitness is constantly evolving and changing, especially in light of the COVID pandemic. As 2021 draws to a close, what should fitness business owners expect for 2022? Here are some fitness trends to keep in mind. 


HiiT on your customers:

It’s been around for a while but high-intensity training is gaining serious popularity. In theory, working from home should mean that people have fewer excuses to exercise. No commuting to the gym, no more staying late at the office. Wrong! While working from home increased productivity, there were negative repercussions for physical and mental wellbeing. Studies put that down to less physical exercise, communication with coworkers, food intake and adjusted work hours. HIIT has come to save the day!

The beauty of HIIT is that it burns fat and tones muscle in a short space of time, pushing you to your max with minimum recovery time. All your customers need is 20-30 minutes of their day! With Arbox flexible class settings, you can set up recurring 30-minute HiiT classes back to back during business lunch break hours to give members an opportunity to fit exercise into their busy day.


Get up close and PTersonal:

Personal trainers have been around for years but they’re no longer a luxury for the rich and famous. 2022 trend forecasters suggest that we regular folk are ready and willing to invest in a personalised programme to achieve our desired results. Whether your business is a gym or a yoga studio, having that one-to-one interaction with clients is a feature that should be incorporated into your business plan. This option introduces accountability, keeping members motivated and more importantly, consistently coming through your doors!

Use Arbox leadership features to communicate and collaborate with employees to manage projects workflows and daily tasks. 


A breath of fresh air:

​​Proving members with the best experience is the core principle of any successful business. This means ensuring variety! Business owners, we challenge you to think outside the box (literally) and offer classes that serve all members.

Now, more than ever, outdoor lessons are a must. A survey of over 4,500 active adults from 122 countries revealed that 59.1% of active adults choose outdoor activities like running, hiking, and walking to stay fit in 2021. The power of outdoor workouts is undeniable. Compared with a mere 14.6% at the start of 2020, the demand for outdoor training has skyrocketed and is a definite fitness trend for 2022. 


Working (out) from home:

About 21% of office workers have returned to their desks with most people continuing to work from home. What does this mean for fitness professionals? Online training is here to stay. Whether that means live streaming via your website or uploading a pre-recorded video, online workouts are a must moving forward.

Arbox’s power class scheduling means you can seamlessly add these workouts to your existing schedule. In doing so you’re providing customers with an element of choice and control over when and where they exercise. What’s more, you can use the Arbox messaging centre to send links to your customers to get them excited about this new addition.


Hybrid workouts:

One of the many lessons we’ve learnt from the pandemic is that life is truly dynamic and as a result, we need to be able to move with the times. As lockdown restrictions continue to lift globally, fitness businesses are opening their doors once again. However, fitness is not what it once was. Some are wary of crowds while others no longer want to spend their hard-earned cash on a fitness membership. It’s important that you offer a hybrid of online and physical classes to give customers the freedom to train any time, any place. Offering these options means you’re more likely to retain customers who can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Use Arbox reports to check out class summaries and booking statistics to understand member preferences so you can make appropriate suggestions.  


A holistic approach to health: 

Mindfulness is now as important as body fitness. As a result of multiple lockdowns, people now understand the importance of taking care of the mind and the soul. Yoga and meditation have become a staple in the fitness industry. A simple 20-minute daily meditation can help participants decompress and relieve stress. Exercise is no longer purely about the aesthetic, rather a whole body workout in the truest sense of the word. Why not go all the way?

Use your Arbox in-app shop to sell yoga and pilates accessories so customers can look and feel the part.


Health and wellness continue to play a major role in the lives of consumers, with no sign of slowing down. Keeping your finger on the pulse and staying ahead of the curve means that you, the business owner, stands out from your competition. We’ve given you the inside edge so you can prepare for the year ahead and consistently deliver the best customer experience possible. 


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