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Geraldine Farache

Geraldine Farache

Geraldine has experience creating digital and print content across a variety of sectors. She specializes in writing, developing and editing content and copy and has a strong passion for fitness.

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How To Make It Rain – Maximizing Black Friday & Cyber Monday Profits

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If you haven't already, get prepared for the biggest retail weekend of the year. Read this week's blog to get some preparation tips.

The countdown to Christmas is on and nothing feels more festive than nabbing the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Black Friday alone generated over $9bn in 2020 and that was during the peak of the pandemic. Imagine the additional revenue your business could potentially make! The 26th and 27th of November are right around the corner so now’s the time to get planning. Here are a few points to consider…


  1. Have a digital marketing strategy in place and market your promotions early:


  • Send tailored emails to your members and use social media to promote your deals. 


  • Social media is one of the most powerful tools to promote your offers. Use Instagram, Facebook and other socials to share promotions, images, and sneak peeks to create a sense of urgency and hype around your Black Friday sale. Posts, partnerships, stories and hashtags will boost your reach and influence when promoting your sale. 


  • Use your Arbox messaging centre to send SMS’s, push notifications and emails about upcoming deals and promotions to get customers excited about the month ahead.


        2. Make them an offer they can’t refuse:


  • Many businesses start to offer special deals in the run-up to Black Friday. Throughout the month of November consider offering unique deals on merchandise and classes. If it makes business sense, go that one step further by offering a free month if they sign up for a year or give those who sign up over that weekend a free gift. People want to feel like they are getting the deal of a lifetime. 


  • If you don’t already offer gift cards or vouchers, now’s an opportune time to introduce them. People love to give but sometimes don’t know what to buy. Nothing says I love you more than a 10 class punch card! 


  • The New Year is right around the corner, so a January introductory offer can spark more interest and traffic. Hosting a Black Friday event is a great way to get people excited about your business. Understand your demographic and think carefully about what appeals to them. 


  • Increase engagement on social media by running a competition giveaway. People can win a prize if they share or create a story/ post about your competition. Don’t forget to get them to tag their friends and include appropriate hashtags. 


          3. Discount your merchandise: 


  • Summer is well and truly over and while you are moving from one season to another, why not seize the opportunity to shift end of season stock. If your business sells health & wellness related products offering a discount frees up space for new stock, generates further revenue and keeps customers happy. 


  • Make your discounts and offers easily accessible. When there’s so much on offer for consumers during this period, don’t make your customers have to search for the deal. 


  • Make people feel special by offering existing customers VIP discounts or family and friends discounts. Rewarding loyalty will encourage your clients to treat themselves. 


          4. Be prepared:


  • With all the amazing deals you’re offering, expect a surge in your website traffic. Make sure you load test your website to avoid any slowdowns or crashes. You can breathe a sigh of relief because Arbox’s partnership with Stripe means customers can make payments without a hitch. 


  • Be sure to clearly highlight your returns policy or discount time period. This will make potential customers feel more comfortable making quick purchases and make them more likely to return. 


  • Brief your team and make sure they are aware of all discounts and deals running over this weekend. Customers are likely to have lots of questions so it’s important for everyone to be able to give correct information. Using the tasks feature on your dashboard allows you and your employees to assign both team and individual tasks, ensuring you never miss a sale. 


          5. Get your in-app shop looking good: 


  • The Arbox app makes it easy for members to access your merchandise and fitness products through the in-app store feature, providing the ultimate Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping experience. 


  • Starting today, help members become familiar with navigating their way around this feature; encouraging them to renew their memberships and purchase punch cards via the app. This will make them feel confident and comfortable to grab plenty of goodies and fill up their carts over the sales weekend.  


Don’t be afraid to start your deals before the big weekend. Get posting on social media and don’t forget to use the relevant hashtags to gain traction. Start your countdown. Create a buzz and in the words of 2Pac; “Make It Rain”. 



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