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Tal Mager

Tal Mager

Tal has a vast experience in digital marketing and is managing Arbox marketing in variety of channels, include continuance online contact with our customers and athletes community

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How to Build Your Landing Page Correctly to Bring New Customers?

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In general, there are 3 major ways to gather leads details from sponsored ads that you post on Facebook, Instagram, Google or any other platform:

  1. An ad containing the business’ phone number to which the customer can call or even send an SMS or a WhatsApp text
  2. A designated leads form of Facebook/Instagram (which will be discussed in the future, but let us just mention that it’s easily linked to Arbox)
  3. A web landing page with a form allowing to fill in details, which will be discussed in the current post

Each way has its benefits and it’s important to choose the right one for your business, so it fits your target audience.

As mentioned before, the current post will focus on building landing pages, and will provide you with a few tips regarding how to build an efficient landing page that generates leads.

Is it a landing page or a website?

First, it’s important to understand the difference between a landing page and a website. Both are designed for web surfing via PC or mobile browsers, of course, but the major difference between them is their designations. While your website is your business’ business card, and would usually contain a relatively great deal of content (business’ info, schedules, types of lessons/trainings, trainers’ info, etc.), the landing page has only one designation – to gather details about the potential customer which is interested in the services you provide.

Four rules for the perfect landing page!

Since the landing page has only one designation, we have to follow some rules which would make it more effective:

  1. Write or Run – the landing page should allow the potential customer do only one of the following: leave contact details or click the red X button to close the page.
    For that reason, we need to make sure that the potential customer doesn’t have any other options or distractions like links that lead to other pages (not even to your own home page or Facebook page), complicated menus, etc.
  1. Less is more – whoever lands in your landing page already knows about you because they have read what you wrote in the ad you posted. That is why you should keep your landing page clean and simple, and make sure it doesn’t contain a lot of text that would exhaust them and make them get away without leaving their contact details. Write the most important information in the landing page, the details you believe that would make the potential customer leave their contact details. Explain them shortly why it’s beneficial for them to leave their details and choose your services.
  2. Call for action – explain what you need them to do. Want them to leave their details in the form? Write that. Want them to call the number which appears in the landing page? Tell them what to press!
  3. Words can hurt – as you may already know, ads that you create on Facebook or Google are reviewed by the corresponding platform to make sure they meet several criteria. In recent years, the advertising platforms have toughened the criteria, and as part of that, they check not only the ad’s content but also the content in the landing page to which it leads.
    Ads and entire campaigns may get rejected by the advertising platforms because of one or two inappropriate words. Make sure you learn the criteria and follow them to avoid situations like the banning of a campaign, or even of your advertising account completely. A good example is that you should avoid promising things in the ads or in your landing page (so-called “misrepresentation”). Don’t promise things like “lose 50kg in one week” or “get your dream body in two months”, even if you think it’s possible.
  1. Fairness is the name of the game – following the previous tip, be clear and make sure your ad content and landing page content are uniform. Don’t offer something in the ad (for example – 50% membership discount to everyone who clicks here) that isn’t reflected in the landing page. If you mentioned a certain price or discount in the ad, make sure it also appears in the landing page loud and clear.

It’s that easy!

If you follow the rules above, generate the right content in your ads and lead your potential  customers to a correctly-built landing page, you will probably generate high-quality leads (and then you should the Arbox tools to treat them right and quickly convert them to paying customers).

Don’t panic if an advertising platform banned your ad or campaign. Go through the rules again and make sure you meet the criteria (click here to read Google’s criteria and here for Facebook’s).

And you’re always welcome to consult us with any question you might have! That’s what we’re here for.

The Arboxes wish you a happy summer, full of new customers ?

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