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Geraldine Farache

Geraldine Farache

Geraldine has experience creating digital and print content across a variety of sectors. She specializes in writing, developing and editing content and copy and has a strong passion for fitness.

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How to Keep Your CrossFit Coaches Happy

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A positive working environment with happy employees is an essential part of growing a successful business. Creating it is easy if you have the know how. Read on for Arbox advice about maintaining a happy and productive workforce.

We all remember that one teacher or coach that made a difference to our lives. Maybe they taught us something new, helped us conquer a fear or made us feel special in that moment. Whatever the reason – that experience was priceless and the coach, worth their weight in gold!


So how can you maximise the happiness of these power-house coaches in the workplace? 


Upskill – The average CrossFit coach needs to spend 750 hours to qualify. That shows some serious commitment and dedication to a process. But why stop there? As a fitness owner, you can choose to invest in your coaches’ continuing professional development through coaching workshops, courses or seminars. As it happens, CrossFit is launching an affiliate programming service designed to save time, improve member experience and strengthen your coaches’ skills. Not only is this feature free throughout 2021 but it’s been designed by the best of the best, CrossFit’s top seminar staff. Check it out https://www.crossfit.com/programming 

Remember, knowledge is power, and the more knowledge your coaches have, the safer and happier your clients will feel. 


Sharing is caring – When your business is your baby, sharing responsibility can be a tough thing to tackle however the benefits are far-reaching. Not only does it give you, the owner, more time to concentrate on other challenges but helps to create a team ethos where all can share in collective successes. Delegating empowers your coaches, encourages collaboration and builds trust. Give it a go… Choose the right person for the job, provide the resources and training necessary to foster an environment where your coaches make decisions and exercise autonomy. 


Celebrate victories – Whether it’s reaching monthly/quarterly goals, completing qualifications or receiving positive customer feedback, celebrate your coaches’ successes so they know their input is appreciated. A recent Gallup survey recorded a 10-20% difference in revenue and productivity following employee praise. Encouraging praise within your team and recognizing the achievements of your coaches will boost morale, motivation and job satisfaction. 


Take time out – A company retreat or fun day out could be exactly what your coaches need! Getting out of the workplace environment can strengthen your team and show your coaches you care. Team building activities provide a great opportunity to get to know each other better, making coaches feel at home and valued in the workplace. 


Last but definitely not least, listen to your coaches needs and concerns. In the words of Simon Sinek, “good listeners make people feel heard” which in turn allows for greater idea sharing and engagement amongst staff. Active and genuine listening goes hand in hand with strong leadership. A quick daily check-in or scheduled weekly one-to-one meetings will help you better understand how your coaches feel and how you, as their manager, can support them. 


Building a community of fitness lovers, fulfilled coaches and happy members is the goal. Arbox is here to support you every step of the way. Let’s go!

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