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Fitness Management Features You Need to Know: Scheduling

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For thousands of fitness owners worldwide, their class schedule is the core offering provided by their business. Are you offering the right classes for your target audience? Are you providing these classes at the optimal or “right” time for your members? Are you accommodating different demographics like the business-types who want early more or late evening classes as well as students and parents looking for options during the day? 

Wait, you didn’t realize that so much thought went into planning your schedule? Well it’s good that you’re here because there’s a good reason we’re starting this series on fitness management features with your schedule. In many cases it is the most important feature that potential customers look at when deciding whether to buy a membership or not. 

Let’s dive deeper into the details of your class schedule, how to take advantage of fitness management features when it comes to your schedule and how to optimize it to the best of your ability. 

What You Need to Know About Your Schedule

While the need for a schedule varies across different fitness disciplines or even among different types of businesses within the same space, one thing is certain: if you’re offering a class schedule it needs to be well executed. This means that you need to accomplish several things:

  • Diverse options

For gyms as well as studios, your members will not be satisfied with the bare minimum. Gyms may want to offer classes like HIIT, core workouts, spinning, TRX, sculpting and even yoga and pilates sessions. Yes, many of these require designated spaces and specific equipment, but if you want your gym to be more than a room with barbells, you need to add these classes to your schedule. 

For more specialized businesses like yoga and pilates studios, you can still offer a diverse array of class options. If you’re just starting out and your staff doesn’t have the know-how to provide different types of classes, you must then look to the next point. 

What a fully optimized schedule looks like
  • Diverse time slots

As we mentioned above, you want to have a broad range of members in order to keep growing your customer base and with that range comes a range of time constraints and needs. If you’re only offering a few different types of classes, they should certainly be available multiple times per week. Cater to your members and they will reward you by returning often to your business. 

  • Familiarity 

The final point that is no less important than the previous ones is cultivating a sense of familiarity with your schedule. You may want to offer spinning classes every day, but only in the mornings – that’s fine. Your members will know that they can work that class into their schedule if they want to spin. You also want to make sure that the same coaches and trainers are leading the classes every day or week when they’re offered. Your members are much more likely to attend classes on a regular basis if they feel comfortable with who’s running each one and they know more or less what to expect. 

Utilizing the Schedule Feature

Within your fitness management platform, there are multiple features that will help you offer the best schedule you can to your members. 

  • Recurring Classes

As we mentioned above, having familiarity in your schedule is a perk your members will enjoy. That’s why your management platform will give you the option to repeat classes every day or week when you first add them to your schedule. Take advantage of this feature right away because it will save you a lot of time down the road not having to duplicate the class each week. 

  • Offering a Variety 

Again, as we stated previously, you want to give your members a lot of options to choose from and have something for everyone. This comes into practice with different types of classes, classes offered at different types of the day (yoga in the morning and evenings, for example) and classes offered to different skill sets – like beginner, expert or even those catered to kids. 

  • Bulk Actions

Once your schedule is all filled out, it may be overwhelming to make changes. Don’t worry, your fitness management platform will help you take care of that easily. A platform like Arbox allows you to perform bulk actions in your schedule. For example, you could cancel all yoga classes offered on Sundays. Additionally, you could turn all HIIT classes into online Zoom meetings to help during a COVID-19 lockdown with just a few clicks. 

  • Embed Into Website

One of the most innovative and exciting schedule features offered by the Arbox fitness management platform is embedding your schedule right into your website. That way, when potential or current members view your site they’ll be able to see what classes you offer that were created within the Arbox platform. 

Optimize Your Schedule

Creating a schedule and optimizing it to the capabilities of your team and the needs of your members will help you stand above your competitors. You can do all this easily right when you join Arbox and have your schedule up and running within minutes. To learn more about getting set up with the Arbox fitness platform, click here

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