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Geraldine Farache

Geraldine has experience creating digital and print content across a variety of sectors. She specializes in writing, developing and editing content and copy and has a strong passion for fitness.

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How I Took My Fitness Business Online in 2021

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Going online is a hot topic for the fitness industry right now. Moving from face-to-face to online is how many have survived and thrived during this challenging period. The power of home workouts is definitely here to stay so how do we adapt? Our latest case study features Danielle from Danielle Pilates who shares her experience about transitioning to online workouts in 2021.

Danielle Gamliel has spent years perfecting her unique combination of pilates and meditation, delivering truly transformative classes across the globe to those in search of increased body awareness and confidence. But what happens when a global pandemic hits and studios are forced to close their doors to both their members and teachers?

The problem:

COVID-19 forces fitness businesses to close their doors. 

The fate of fitness is constantly changing and evolving in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, switching from a physical-first to a digital-first industry. In order to survive, many fitness businesses have had to think of innovative ways to continue delivering their product and services to clients. While studios fight for survival, their freelance teachers have often been overlooked. Without permanent contracts, and often charging hourly rates, they have been the first and easiest to let go of during this time. Like many others, Danielle found herself in a worrying position. To sink or swim? Faced with a dramatically reduced income, she had to make quick and business savvy decisions to keep herself afloat. 

The Solution:

Danielle is a great example of creativity and innovation at its best! Based in Athens, Danielle transferred her pilates business from studio-based to predominantly online. 

During the first lockdown in Athens, Danielle analyzed trends in the fitness industry and found that subscriptions during lockdowns actually rose, with the average member taking 3.5 online classes per week. Her research confirmed to her that at-home, online fitness was here to stay.  Based on this, she made up her mind to join the ‘phygital’ age, and take her business online. 

Having created an awesome website and recorded a library of online tutorials and classes for her following, Danielle took advantage of all Arbox’s features to spread her message to the world by adding links to zoom classes on her Arbox platform. As well as increasing her social media presence, she used her Arbox messaging center to send out emails, push notifications and SMSs to all her members as well as reaching out to the studios she had been previously teaching for to offer them access to her online classes. Within a week, Danielle had received dozens of inquiries and requests for access to her online classes and tutorials. 

Danielle used her platform to create online digital health and safety waivers and sent them to all trainees before they purchased class punch cards or unlimited class passes. At that point, she was ready to get teaching. Needless to say, that was the easy part and trainees were able to enjoy her expertise from anywhere around the world


Danielle has established a class schedule with a demand for more to be added. 

Danielle does more than just teach classes, she delivers the best possible member experience to her trainees. Through Arbox she maintains consistent communication, promotes access to her in-app shop where members can buy pilates-related merchandise and sends reminders about upcoming blog posts and social media content. 

As lockdowns come and go, and Athens, like the rest of the world, continues to ride the wave of COVID, Danielle has embraced change and established her business online to continue her journey and commitment to those she teaches.

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