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Top Metric #7: Net Membership

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We’ve already explored how to monitor new and lost members in previous articles, and now we’re going to take the data one step further to net membership. 

With a lot of members coming and going during the month, you need to know what your current total membership is at any given time. You also need to track where you stand after a month, a quarter or a year without having to subtract lost members from those who have just joined. There are several different ways for you to view this info.

One option is to view how many active members you have. Please note that in the Arbox platform, there is a differentiation between active members and active memberships. This is generally for gyms and clubs that offer family or group memberships. The main dashboard offers these numbers at a glance, as well as showing how many active punch card members there are. 

For a more detailed dashboard of net membership metrics, click on the “Insights” section of the platform where you will see the charts as shown above. These numbers tell you all you’d like to know about member activity and your net growth rate at any given time. 

Additionally, you can view full reports of both active members and active memberships either within the “Members” section or the “Reports” section of the platform. 

Use these various options to stay on top of your gym’s net membership within moments of opening the Arbox platform. 

If you’d like to know more about setting up your gym with the Arbox platform and seeing these numbers in action click here to schedule a demo with our team. 

To take your gym business even further, you can click here to schedule a call with a Two Brain Business mentor.

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