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How Branding Positively Impacts Your Fitness Business, Part 2

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In the previous article, we covered the basics of how branding can help you stand out from the crowd in the fitness world. Now, let’s take a deeper look at how branding your fitness business internally can help you grow even more. 

Branding to Breed Familiarity

Arbox offers a branded members mobile app, and as we noted in the last article, it can do wonders to help create a sense of familiarity and community within your gym or studio. You can take our word for it, but here is some data to help understand just how crucial it can be. 

One of the most telling statistics in this regard is LEG (aka length of client engagement). You can learn more about this stat from our recent post, but in short, it’s the average number of months that your members stick with your business. This metric is very helpful in proving just how successful you are at retaining your members. Naturally, you’d like to have members last with you for years more than months so you’d like the number of your gym’s LEG to be as high as possible. 

We took a look at the clubs using Arbox daily and discovered that those using a branded app for their members enjoy a 20% increase in their LEG over businesses not using a branded app.

That means that members at clubs using a branded app stick around for more than two months longer than members of non-branded gyms and studios.

For a more practical understanding of this difference, think about it this way: would you like to worry about having members renew their memberships every year or every ten months? Are you going to keep those New Year’s resolution members until April or February? While two months may not seem like a big difference in terms of time, it can really manifest itself in terms of revenue. 

Simply put, with a branded app, your gym on average will earn two more months’ worth of revenue from your members over your non-branded competition. That’s pretty substantial. 

Let’s take this one step further and adopt a more micro approach when looking at the impact of branding. For nearly every type of fitness business, as the owner you want members to register for classes. It can be something that is for a certain percentage of your members or your entire business model. You’re constantly hiring new coaches with diverse skill sets, retooling your schedule and promoting daily and weekly class offerings to your members. But how often are they signing up? 

We crunched the numbers again to look into how gym and studio members are signing up for classes when presented with a branded app experience and the results were even greater than we expected. 

Clubs using a branded app experienced 4x more class registrations every month over those clubs presenting their members with the generic Arbox app.

When you have more registrations for your classes, your members are more engaged with your coaches and your club on a daily basis. You know that the classes you’re offering are desirable, the coaches are causing members to want to keep coming back and you’ve found the right audience. You can also understand where to place more or less focus in the coming months. With the right kind of branding your members will feel more connected and engaged and will ultimately stick around as paying members much longer. 

We can even take the numbers one step further and look at the percentage of registrations that gyms and studios are enjoying when using a branded app versus those that don’t. From a deeper dive into our data, we can see that classes across the board have a 10% higher attendance rate at clubs with branded apps. Again, branding is proving to be successful in bringing members to classes and filling out schedules more successfully than when a branded app isn’t utilized.

With all this data pointing so clearly towards the benefits of using a branded app for your fitness business, when will you get branded?

Take Your Fitness Brand to the Next Level

Now that you know the basics of branding for your fitness business, learn more about adding a branded members app for your business. Let Arbox help your branding: schedule a demo and a member of our team will help you get started. 

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