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Making the Switch: How a New Management Platform Can Lead to Business Growth

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Odds are if you’re reading this article, you’ve realized your management platform isn’t doing much for your business. Maybe it’s not providing you the best visibility or it’s holding you back through its lack of automation. Let’s explore what an efficient management platform should help you with and how making the switch can benefit your business.

Why Studio Management Software?

Today, the fitness industry is valued at approximately $100 billion. Clearly, business is booming and while it continues to grow, you can expect the number of fitness centers around the world to also pop up at the same rate.

With that in mind, it’s also important to note that 80% of Americans who join a gym tend to quit after five months. The bottom line, your gym or studio has a lot of competition, and if you don’t take the time to nurture your members, expect them to walk out the door.

So, how does this affect you as a fitness business owner?

Finding a way to streamline your efforts, a method that will guarantee the efficient running of your business, and clear up your time to focus on your members is crucial. However, just like anything else you may invest in, there is no ‘one size fits all,’ and software that may do wonders for one, may not cut it for your business needs.

So, what features should you look out for when picking the right studio management platform for you?

Streamlined Processes

Most likely, you’ve had your fair share of inefficient tasks and processes. Things like unhappy members, stressed employees, missed deadlines, increased costs and the like.

These are only some of the problems that dysfunctional processes can create. This is why it’s crucial to improve these processes as soon as possible. Otherwise, you can bet they will lead to the closing of your studio.

So, rather than dealing with these processes on your own, or delegating them to your staff, why not turn to our intuitive studio management software? It’s a one-stop-shop for everything you need. With our software, you can eliminate human error, save time, and guarantee your studio is running like a well-oiled machine.

Outcome: increased satisfaction for your staff and members, and increased revenue for your business. Sounds like a win-win, no?

Membership Management

Your members are the heart of your business. Therefore, ensuring they are satisfied at all times is extremely important.

No matter the size of your business, you have a vast number of tasks to handle daily. This, in turn, leaves you with very little time to ensure memberships are up to date, as well as keep your members satisfied – especially if you are handling everything on your own.

In these cases, studio management software makes all the difference. From helping you control your floor to preventing membership cancellations and opening communication with your members, you’re covered.

At Arbox, we make your life easier by letting our software do all the work. Our software helps you build long-lasting relationships with your members, opens the doors to member profiles and helps you tailor your studio to your members’ needs. At the end of the day, your members will be satisfied and will be coming back for more.

Insightful Reporting

It’s safe to say that you’re most likely under a lot of pressure to prove a ROI. Meaning, you’re probably constantly searching for new ways to become more efficient and reduce any wasted elements of your budget.

So, to ensure your efforts are worth the risk, time, and resources, it’s important to take a look at reports.

Insightful reporting provides you with key metrics into your business efforts, what’s working, and where there is room for improvement. With these key insights up your sleeve, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions, which will result in better business strategies, and in turn, returns.

This type of clean and reliable data is based on facts, ensures you’re not missing anything paramount and helps you accomplish your business goals, as well as your studio members’ goals.

Finishing Up

With these benefits, wouldn’t you agree that it’s worth going through the effort of switching software providers? We sure would.

At Arbox, we do all we can to provide you with a fully integrated solution that’s tailored to your business needs and leaves you with a higher profit margin. Interested?

We can help! Contact us today to discover how our intuitive platform can help streamline your business, facilitate growth, and take your fitness studio to the next level.

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