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The 2020 TBB Best Gym Management Software Platforms Review

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Once again TBB published a market review, aiming to find the perfect management system. Once again Arbox ended up with a great review and score!

For the second year in a row, Two Brain Business ranked Arbox as one of the top best gym management software!

This year, TBB not only reviewed the different platforms but also asked clients to give their feedback about the software they are using.

TBB is evaluating each system using 5 criteria (on a scale of 1 to 10):

  • Function—Does the software meet the basic needs of a gym? These are the must-have elements: payment processing, scheduling (appointments, classes and staff), membership packages and so on.
  • Reporting—Are the reports useful? How easy is it to find the data you need? Can you create and run your own reports based on what you need? Is it easy to do so?
  • Usability—Is the software easy to use by the owner and staff? How about by the clients? Is there an app? What about the user interface (UI)? Does it make you feel at ease when you open it or does it give you a headache? Look and feel also factor in here.
  • Integrations—Does the software platform play nice with others? Does the program integrate with common management tools such as Mailchimp, SugarWOD, iCalendar, Zapier, etc.? Does it have an open API so you can add things as you see fit?
  • Bonuses—Does it have any useful extra features such as a killer workout logging app or a kick-ass customer relationship management system (CRM)? What’s the customer service like? How about the development cycle? Does the software stand out through any unique features?

Check out the full Arbox review – Click here

Chris Cooper, the founder of TBB, had this to say about us:

During the covid crisis, Arbox was able to provide really great data on revenue and retention—in a format that was easy to understand. No one else provided this “meta” view of their clients.”

We are committed to continue developing the best management system for you, along with providing uncompromising service and support which will help you take your business as far as possible!

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