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A Review of Management Systems for Fitness Businesses

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For a period of 4 months and with a budget of more than 35 thousand dollars, the expert team of Two-Brain checked the world’s top 20 management systems for sports-related businesses.

Each system was evaluated using 5 criteria, and was given a 1 to 10 grade for each criterion. Here are the five system evaluation criteria:

  • Function – does the software meet the basic needs of the business? Emphasis was put on the payment process, trainings and lessons planning, members packages, etc.
  • Reporting – are the system’s reports beneficial? How easy it is to find the data you are looking for?
  • Usability – is the system easy to use for the gym’s owner and staff? Is it convenient for the end users/trainees? Does it have a matching app?
  • Integrations – does the system get along well with other systems? Does it integrate with other common business management systems?
  • Bonuses – does the system have other features that help managing the business? How efficient is the supplier’s customer service? How effective is the development process of the system?

After testing the systems in depth, the scores were summed up and guess which one ended up at #3?
That’s right – Arbox!

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We are truly honoured to be rated so high, only few points below companies with over 10 years of experience in the market. We were particularly moved by the team’s summary as well:

“Take note of Arbox as an up-and-comer in the world of gym management software. The company has grown quickly, and its development cycles are fast and useful. We have hopes that these guys will be an industry leader in time.”

We are committed to continue developing the best management system for you, along with providing uncompromising service and support which will help you take your business as far as possible!

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