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Alen Debensason

Alen Debensason

B.A in Computer Science and Economics. Alen is leading Arbox strategy, collaboration with partners, creating global connections and expand the company worldwide.

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What Fitness Businesses Can Learn From Sports

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Some people might claim that there’s nothing to do between business and being part of a sports team – I’m here to tell you the exact opposite. It’s true that being a football player or basketball coach won’t promise you a successful career as a businessman but on the other hand, there are so many lessons we, as fitness business owners, should study from these people.

I’ll summarize the five most important lessons I think we should focus on but I think we could think of dozens of them if we just try enough. 

Never Giving Up

I know that whether you’re a former CrossFit competitor or an experienced yoga practitioner you got to this point where you wanted to give up because it’s too hard. When I think about it and get to this point of breaking you should ask yourself – “What would Michael Jordan do?” (I personally think about the spirit of Maccabi but I’ll write about it in a different post. As you wouldn’t see your favorite athlete give up when there’s still a chance – you shouldn’t do it yourself in your business.


There are some individual sports, that’s true. But even these athletes have an amazing team around them, that leads them to success. Of course, it’s even clearer in Baseball, Basketball, or any other team sport. As a successful sports team, you can never succeed in your business just on your own. It could be a good start but even if you’re the star, you’ll need an amazing staff around you to work together. Could Michael succeed without Scotty? 

Creating a Momentum

Your fitness business, like your favorite sports team, needs momentum to succeed! Each of us saw some businesses open with too much noise and great opening parties but as soon as the party is over, they couldn’t use the momentum into real success – leading to unavoidable failure. You always want to build and maintain momentum. You always want one success to lead you to the next one and not losing the series. A team in a zone is the most freighting one (for the opponent…)

More Opportunities Will Come

In most cases, your business will have some defeats. If it never happens, probably you don’t do enough things. But, like a soccer season – you always have another chance to try again. Sometimes it’s further away (Olympics is just once in 4 years…), sometimes it’s much closer (a playoff series…) but it’ll come and you should be ready for that. 

Change is Sometimes a Must

The way you built your business a few years ago, the staff you had, the facility you rented, and the practices you had were probably the best you could think of (or afford) back then but the circumstances and goals change all the time and you must act. You couldn’t imagine Denis Rodman competing against Lebron now am I right? 

Bonus – Find Yourself an Inspiration:

Every interview with a new player in any team – they always say that they followed another player when they were children as their idol. Have you already found yourself an idol? Go do it right now! 

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