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Over 1,000 fitness business owners from 6 continents and 24 different countries already chose to run their gym or studio with Arbox. Scroll to learn why…

So Very Easy

Why make running a business more difficult than it already is? Arbox makes it easy to raise the bar with three sets of tools giving you everything you need to achieve new business heights.

Be Better

With The

Arbox Core


Get Stronger

With The

Arbox Retention


Think Bigger

With The

Arbox Growth


Save Your Energy

You should be spending time coaching your members, not filling out paperwork. Arbox management tools help you channel your energy into what really matters by showing you the steps toward greater business success.

Bring your spark

Fuel the fire of your passion for coaching and fitness. You’re already a top coach and fitness expert – now become a top business expert too, with the Arbox set of tools that speak your language

The Arbox members app

Your members can access their workout schedule with one click on their mobile device. They can easily register for classes. invite friends to join them, celebrate birthdays, renew their membership and more. 

Integrated Payment Solutions

Ensure your members consistently renew their memberships on time, right from the mobile app ﹣and never miss a payment.

Our partners at First American Payment Processing ensure you get the best rates so that you can focus on growing your business.

Join The Best Out There

You’re already doing what you love. Arbox ensures you also love every moment of what you do, harnessing your motivation with intuitive tools that help you go further than ever before. 

Just ask the hundreds of gyms and studio owners already growing with Arbox every day.

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