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Alen Debensason

Alen Debensason

B.A in Computer Science and Economics. Alen is leading Arbox strategy, collaboration with partners, creating global connections and expand the company worldwide.

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The 3 Fundamentals of a Fitness Business

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I’ve been practicing sports since the age of five and been in the business of fitness during the last five years, being in touch with thousands of gym and studio managers, owners, and coaches. Our knowledge here at Arbox during these past few years has led us to understand what the really successful gyms do, which makes them like that. 

I’ll never claim that one blog post will have the answer to be a successful gym – it’s hard work, studying, and failures which make it happen but I do know that that in order to start, you should look at the fundamentals of success. In this post, I’m proud to present the Arbox method of a successful fitness business. It was developed by analyzing data, talking with the best, and understanding the way people think and act. 

We came to the conclusion that the fitness business has to focus on three main things to succeed, here they are:

Be Better

The most basic thing is doing what you do in the best possible way. We’re talking here about the core of your business. It starts from the experience when a client first becomes aware of your name in marketing or from a friend and they describe you. It continues with what’s happening inside your facility, the level of your workouts, how your staff talks and acts. In addition, we believe that you should be the best in the operation side, how to optimize your schedule, pricing, employees and finance. That’s why we’ve included all the various features offered within the Arbox Core Tools. 

Think Bigger

It’s important to be the best possible but it has no meaning if you can’t grow your business all time. Here we’re talking about your marketing strategy, efforts and tactics. How the management and execution of your sales happening, how you gain more customers from each customer and how you get more from each customer. It’s not because you’re greedy but because you offer the best value and more people should benefit from it. That’s the things you’ll have in Arbox Growth Tools.

Get Stronger

We all know and are aware of the fact that the biggest problem of the fitness industry is low retention rates. Unfortunately, people are eager to start membership but are much more likely to not use it at all or use it very rarely. The fitness businesses that succeed in being the best in what they’re doing, keeps always growing are the ones that really need to worry about their retention rates. Keeping in touch with your clients, making sure they’re attending your gyms and achieving their goals and connecting them to the community are some of the tools you’ll find in Arbox Retention Tools. 

That would be just an introduction to the Arbox method of creating a successful fitness business – keep all that in mind and brace yourself for things to come! 

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