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Start Your Fitness Business: How to Open a Pilates Studio

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It’s no secret that pilates has become a fitness staple of cities all over the world and the industry is growing every year. Studios of all sizes and disciplines are experiencing growth, which means it’s a great time to open your own studio. If you’re unsure where to start when it comes to opening a pilates studio, we’ve got some helpful tips to help get off the ground. 


Simply put, location is key. Is your studio in the right neighborhood in terms of your target market? How accessible is the studio itself? Is there parking and access by public transportation? Can people walk to the studio? All of these factors are important in gauging whether your studio will sink or swim and trying to find the best location should be your top priority. The actual studio space is important to determine what kind of classes you can offer and how many people you have realistically have at each class. You can’t plan for classes of 20+ people if your studio accommodates half that number. 


Another aspect of studio location is how it will impact your equipment choices and needs. If your studio is only big enough for mat pilates classes then that’s only what your studio will offer. However, if you were planning on buying reformers and other such expensive pieces of equipment, that impacts your space and your overall costs. These decisions are very important to make before you move forward in the process of opening up your studio. 

Studio design

Once you have the location and decided what type of equipment to purchase, your next step is to work on the design of the pilates studio itself. What will the vibe be like? How much equipment are you going to have within the studio? Will it feel spacious or more intimate? You also need to factor in non-pilates aspects of your studios like changing areas and other amenities. 


Hiring the right people is key for the success of any fitness business and is no exception for your new pilates studio. At the outset, you’re going to be doing everything yourself but that’s just not sustainable. You need trainers, people to help with running the business, cleaning professionals and more. Don’t make these decisions lightly as each member of your team will reflect the brand and image of your studio so choose wisely. 


Once you’ve set up your studio and are already training new members, it’s key to communicate with them about what’s working, what’s not working and how you can improve. Constant communication will be mutually beneficial for you and your members and will help to create a community around your studio. Keeping an open dialogue with your members and putting that into practice with regards to your studio will help ensure your prolonged success. 

Getting Started

Now that you’ve accomplished the basics for setting up your studio, it’s time to jumpstart your business with a pilates studio management platform to help you manage every aspect of your daily operations. Want to know more? Click here to schedule a demo of the Arbox platform. 

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