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From Fitness to Business Part 1: The Transformation of Arbox

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Things have changed around here. Don’t worry, we’re still providing you with the world’s leading fitness management platform, but with an entirely new look to reflect our vision. We’ve updated our logo and colors but we’ve also fully revamped the platform and app. This isn’t just a quick makeover, this is the all-new Arbox. 

A Look Back

Five years ago, two friends were working out at a local CrossFit gym and had an idea. The concept of a management system for gyms wasn’t novel, but it was something that could definitely help make things smoother where they worked out. This simple idea of creating a platform to aid gym owners grew into a company and Arbox was born.

 In its early stages, Arbox was tied to the CrossFit world in several ways, most notably in its logo and branding. Red and black were unofficially known as the CrossFit colors, the word “box” was what CrossFit gyms were known as and many of the company’s early clients were in the CrossFit world. 

At that time, Arbox was being implemented in nearly every CrossFit gym in Israel and started getting new customers from other fitness businesses like yoga and pilates studios. As is natural for young start-up companies, we realized that we needed to pivot as we were no longer simply a “CrossFit management platform” anymore. We wanted our look and feel to reflect that change. 

Fast forward to summer 2016, there was a decision made at Arbox to alter the logo and remove the appearance that the platform was geared solely towards CrossFit gyms. The logo itself stayed the same, but the main color was changed from red to blue. Blue is a color generally associated with innovation and that was what we were trying to bring to an industry that was pretty old school at the time (the management platform industry, that is). 

That blue logo served diligently as the main Arbox brand until now when we decided to make a change. While we’re not forgetting our roots, it’s exciting to look to the future with a sleek new design, updated messaging that reflects where we’re headed and a reinvigorated product that provides our customers with the best offerings in the industry. 

Why Now?

For the record, rebranding our logo and messaging is something that we’ve wanted to do for some time. Why didn’t we do it sooner? Simply put, we wanted to know our customers better. We wanted to understand our market better. We wanted to establish our core values as something that came straight from our customers and reflected their needs. 

At the beginning of this year, we set our sights on expanding globally and catering to a much wider market than we had until that point. The plan was to establish Arbox as a global brand. A staple of the worldwide fitness community. With this broader outlook we discovered the needs of our new potential customers and markets and how they would impact our roadmap. The combination of what we’ve learned from our current and past customers, combined with our vision for the new markets we are entering helped shape the creation of our new branding and messaging. 

What’s Changed?

Despite the rebrand, the core of what Arbox offers to fitness business owners is still a world class management platform. We’ve worked to enhance our product, and also provide our brand with a more modern and streamlined look. 

We’ve updated our website, logo, colors, font and our messaging, while simultaneously improving on our platform and app based on what we’ve learned over the past five years. 

The goal, as always, is to help business owners to take their fitness passion and turn it into a successful business and we believe our recent changes reflect that mission. 

Our New Vision

“From fitness to business”. Our new mission statement sounds great, but what do we really mean by that? In addition to telling our customers that we will help them make the jump from fitness to business, we’ve also centered our new messaging around the way we plan to help businesses achieve this goal.

We’ve taken the Arbox suite of features and split them into three main categories that align with these new messages. First, we help fitness businesses Be Better by taking advantage of our core set of tools such as scheduling, reporting, data management and task management to help optimize and automate your day-to-day business.

Next, Think Bigger by using the set of Arbox growth tools that include lead generation as well as marketing and sales features to help your business grow and scale. Lastly, we are helping users Get Stronger by providing retention tools to help fitness business owners engage with and retain their members for longer. 

With these three new guiding principles, combined with our revamped product, all that was left to complete our vision was an update to our overall design.


In our next article we’ll dive deeper into our vision for the future of Arbox and the changes we implemented for this rebrand. Stay tuned!

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