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5 Reasons Yoga Management Software is Key for Your Studio’s Growth

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If you’ve landed on this page, you’re probably in the same boat as many other yoga studio owners. You have a passion for teaching yoga but you’re getting lost in the admin side of running a business.

Let’s be honest, turning your love for yoga into a full-time job is exciting, but it doesn’t come without stress. From scheduling, registration, payment processing, marketing, accounting…we know just how demanding it can be, especially if you’re managing a yoga studio on your own.

That being said, don’t be deterred from embarking on your yoga studio journey. All you need is a little help, and fortunately, that’s where yoga management software comes to the rescue.

With the right platform, you can easily remove the stress from managing your business, facilitate growth and get back to what really matters: teaching yoga.

Let’s find out how.

Remove the Pressure

We’ll just take a wild guess and assume that you’re probably sitting in your studio flipping between Excel spreadsheets, PDFs, logbooks, and more, attempting to keep track of changes taking place in your business. We don’t have to tell you how time-consuming and complicated this can be.

Not only does this take up most, if not all of your time, but it also takes you away from focusing on your passion and furthering your business.

When you begin using yoga management software, however, you’ll be able to manage your time effectively. An automated system will organize your daily routine, help you assign tasks to yourself or your team and reorganize all your reporting and financials in one centralized location. This, in turn, will enable you to oversee every part of your business, and more importantly, spend more time in savasana with your clients. #namaste

With the help of automation, you’ll be free to focus your time and energy on scaling and growing your business by generating more leads, enhancing customer support, improving employee retention, streamlining payments, and much more.

Become Member-Friendly

These days, your studio members and participants are very much a part of the business. They expect to have their voices heard, and expectations met, at all times. Otherwise, they’ll move on to another studio. For this reason, if you’re not taking the time to properly improve your customer service and customer retention, you could be losing out big time.

Yoga management software opens the doors for easy member communication, automatic class check-in, access to your facilities, push notifications, and will provide an overall enjoyable experience.

Don’t forget, the more accessible and member-friendly you make your studio, the more likely they are to come back and recommend you to others.

Create a Better Working Environment

Your team is important, and so is maintaining a healthy workplace. Taking the necessary steps to secure employee satisfaction is crucial – and it all starts with proper management.

Implementing yoga management software will make managing your studio a breeze. Integrate employee timesheets, customize payments per class or coach, develop insights into employees’ progress, and more. Help ensure employee satisfaction and retention and give yourself one less thing to worry about.

Increase flexibility in your business operations as well as on the mat

Increase Flexibility

Your ability to be flexible will make or break your success. After all, there’s nothing worse than a rigid yoga studio – no pun intended.

In today’s competitive landscape, if you’re unable to offer a robust schedule of classes, make changes easily, keep organized records and provide seamless payment functionality, you’ll find it very difficult to grow your business.

You need a system to help run your business smoothly. Let’s say you need to change a class and make sure all registered members are notified. Are you going to do that manually? What about customizing classes, or setting restrictions like those required by Health Ministries? You want a yoga studio management platform to handle most of that legwork.

Once you have a handle on that side of the business and have things running smoothly, you’ll want to see if all that effort is actually working. Have a system provide you with detailed and real-time reports and you’ll be able to understand what you’re doing right, where there is room for improvement, and what’s needed to take your business to the next level.

Streamline Your Studio

We know that it sounds daunting to handle all of these different areas of your yoga business, and that’s why Arbox is here to help. The Arbox platform will help eliminate repetitive tasks, streamline all elements of your studio, equip you with detailed reports and enable you to open communication with all members and employees.

We’ve only scratched the surface of how Arbox can help with your growth efforts. To learn more, request a demo and a member of our team will help get you onboard.

Let Arbox help take your yoga studio to the next level.

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