The State of Fitness in Jerusalem, Part 2: The Communities

In part 1 of this series, we looked at the stories behind our five fitness centers and we briefly touched on the communities of members that they built. In this installment, we’ll dive deeper into those burgeoning communities and learn more about how using a fitness management system has helped encourage their growth. We’ll also […]

The State of Fitness in Jerusalem, Part 1: The Backstories

“This studio… it’s a dream come true.” “I joined the gym in 2014 as a member and I climbed the ladder all the way up to become an owner.” “Our facility has been here since 1987. We sometimes renew memberships for people in their 20’s whose previous photo was taken when they were kids on […]

Discussing The Future of CrossFit With Four CrossFit Gym Owners

Earlier this week, the CrossFit community stood divided over a tweet sent out by Greg Glassman, the CEO of CrossFit Inc. With more than 14,000 gyms around the world flying under the flag of official CrossFit affiliation, it would be extremely difficult to put a finger on the pulse of the entire community, so we […]