Why Replacing Your Management System is No Big Deal?

Despite the complaints and although they already know Arbox and its benefits, they are afraid to make the transition, and are especially worried that the transition will harm the business.
So, first of all – your concerns are obvious and understandable. We’re here to explain why the transition from an old management system to Arbox is much simpler, easier and quicker than you think:

How to Build Your Landing Page Correctly to Bring New Customers?

In general, there are 3 major ways to gather leads details from sponsored ads that you post on Facebook, Instagram, Google or any other platform: An ad containing the business’ phone number to which the customer can call or even send an SMS or a WhatsApp text A designated leads form of Facebook/Instagram (which will […]

A Review of Management Systems for Fitness Businesses

A Review of Management Systems for Fitness Businesses

For a period of 4 months and with a budget of more than 35 thousand dollars, the expert team of Two-Brain checked the world’s top 20 management systems for sports-related businesses. Each system was evaluated using 5 criteria, and was given a 1 to 10 grade for each criterion. Here are the five system evaluation […]